I’m a love coach, writer, and speaker.

A former lawyer, I’m known for taking the woo-woo out of the manifestation process and breaking down complex scientific facts into simple tools for change.

I could also tell you that I’m a magna cum laude graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School and a licensed California attorney. 

That I’m at work on my first book, Tired of Dating and Sick of Waiting? Do This. And I write personal essays for publications like CosmopolitanForbesWomen’s eNews, and The Huffington Post, and have been featured on the radio, including NPR, and in Glamour, Shape, and Women’s Media Center, among other outlets.

I’m an Instructor at Barnard’s Athena Center for Leadership Studies and a trained mediator, having mediated conflicts between couples, families and other individuals both privately and in court.

I speak at conferences worldwide, including the Conference for Women series, alongside Brene Brown and Arianna Huffington, and I’m the former co-founder and CEO of Borrowed Wisdom, an online personal growth company.

The real story, though, is that when I was turning 30, I looked at my life and realized it wasn’t working for me. I was deeply unhappy at work and in my former marriage. And while I believed in the possibility of something better for myself, I had no idea how to make that happen.

So I left my job and my relationship, moved in with my sister and slept on her couch (well, for the first few weeks, I admittedly slept in her bed I was so scared and lonely).

I read every self-help book I could get my hands on and enrolled in a gazillion self-actualization programs.

Because I was a lawyer, I wanted evidence that this stuff was going to make a difference. If I was going to spend my time, energy and money, I needed proof these things were going to move the dial on my life.

So I specifically sought out science-based tools for change.

I found myself incredible teachers, I learned incredible new tools.

And honestly, pretty unbelievably, the tools I learned worked.

My journey had plugged me into a world of seemingly magical and miraculous possibility – and it was all rooted in fundamental scientific principles for change and actualization! I felt like I had found the keys to the kingdom.

It became my mission to spread the word: There are concrete steps we need to take to get what we want, we just have to know what those steps are and how to implement them. 

And when it comes to matters of the human heart it can feel extra complicated, scary or impossible – but it’s actually pretty straight-forward.

I’m happily remarried now, to a wonderful partner, in a partnership that fits just right – and one that I know how to work on this time.

Now I can help you do the same.

Let’s Work Together

I coach one-on-one, and offer free strategy sessions so we can determine if we’re a fit.